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Are you sick of your phone dying on you in the middle of the day? Or even worse, sitting there stuck to an outlet because it's your only mode of charging?


Some might recommend a charging case but little do they know - charging cases with the same battery capacity as the ErgoCharger will cost you upwards of $100 and often overheat, damaging your phone's battery over time. Save your time and pockets with the #1 portable charger that ships from the USA!   





 The ErgoCharger comfortably fits in any pocket or bag, so you can bring it wherever you want. You won't have to worry about finding the nearest outlet or hauling around an overpriced, chunky battery case ever again. It gives your device an extra 50%-75% battery life and is perfect for anyone who uses their phone more than 2 hours a day.



Not only is the ErgoCharger compatible with all smartphones, wireless speakers, and smartwatches, it can also be used to charge your Nintendo Switch, Xbox One/Series X controllers, and PS4/PS5 controllers! With our Grade-A 2600 mAh Lithium-Ion battery, you can be certain that you'll stay connected throughout the day. The ErgoCharger is so powerful that it can more than double your device's battery life when you carry 2 on you at one time. 



The ErgoCharger is made with an ultra-strong magnetic base that allows you to easily charge any device in one swift, motion. Most customers buy 2 ErgoChargers and quickly switch between them for continuous charging throughout the day. The magnetic charging system we have engineered is designed to prevent your device from overheating unlike regular wired power banks and charging cases. It works with any Apple or Android device and comes with 3 adapter types: Lightning, Type-C, and MicroUSB. 




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We are deeply saddened by the devastation of COVID-19 across the globe. That is why we are donating 10% of proceeds to the World Central Kitchen. Working in dozens of cities, they provide over 250,000 fresh meals each day to those without access to food.


• 1x ErgoCharger
• 3x Magnetic Device Adapters
(Lightning, MicroUSB, & 
• 1x Magnetic USB Recharging Cable
We're incredibly proud to have over 15,000 happy customers throughout the USA. We genuinely appreciate every single one of you. We fully stand behind the ErgoCharger, and offer a 30-Day satisfaction guarantee on all orders! 
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JULY UPDATE: As of July 16th, stock is very limited. Please place your order today to ensure you get yours! 

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